Natalia y su “ENTELEQUIA”

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Dios vio cuanto había hecho, y todo estaba muy bien” (Génesis 1, 31)

Quisiera pensar que basado en este versículo bíblico, nadie mejor que los artistas, con esa amplitud mental, pueden entrelazarse en el momento que Dios, en el alba de la creación del universo, contempló la obra de sus manos.

Así pues, Dios ha llamado al ser humano a la existencia en el universo, transmitiéndole la tarea de ser artistas. Por esto, el artista, cuanto más consciente es de su don artístico, tanto más se siente movido a mirarse a sí mismo y determinar dónde se encuentra dentro de ese gran plan de la creación y por ende, dónde se encuentra en el caminar de cada vida.

Hoy, con mucho honor y entusiasmo, nos unimos todos al caminar de la artista arecibeña, de la artista puertorriqueña, Natalia García Bergés. Aunque muy joven, Natalia ya ha caminado mucho. Conozco a Natalia desde sus principios artísticos en el medio del mosaico hace algunos 12 años. Recuerdo a Natalia en el Museo de Arte Contemporáneo como compañera estudiantil. Éramos similares en muchos aspectos pero, específicamente en los retos que presentábamos a nuestros instructores. Estábamos allí para aprender y producir obras, eso estaba claro. Natalia y yo teníamos un norte definido. Creo que dentro de su inconsciente, probablemente pensaba que la sociedad nuestra, en efecto, siempre tiene la necesidad de artistas, del mismo modo que tiene necesidad de científicos, técnicos, maestros, padres y madres para asegurar una aportación al crecimiento y desarrollo de nuestros entornos inmediatos. NATLIA PIC 5

Natalia, en un momento dado, parte en una travesía muy de ella donde se desarrolló aún más en nuevas técnicas del mosaico en otros ámbitos, mientras continuaba produciendo obras y más obras. Ya pasado un tiempo y a la par con el nacimiento del Atelier del Mosaico de Puerto Rico, nos volvemos a encontrar y en esta ocasión bajo la tutela del Atelier. En todo momento, nos hemos honrado de su compromiso con el Atelier y más aun con la oportunidad de desafiar y aportar en su crecimiento y desarrollo artístico. Es en este tiempo que Natalia se introduce en otras técnicas del mosaico cada vez más atrevidas. Hacemos particular referencia a sus mesas quienes presentan movimientos ondulados, utilización de nuevos materiales y el rompimiento del plano usual con objetos relacionados a un montaje vertical y no horizontal como se esperaría. Poco después, incursiona en la técnica del mosaico escultural, donde una vez más rompen parámetros con mayores riesgos. IMG_7616 (3) El “Zum Zum” es un claro ejemplo de una representación de un ave batiendo sus alas en pleno vuelo mientras muestra todo un plumaje extravagante con cortes de cristal sin inhibiciones. Continúa Natalia su camino al participar junto al Atelier en una visita a Filadelfia, donde compartimos con un gran mosaiquista estadounidense, Isaiah Zaggar, creador del “Magic Gradens” en South Street de esta ciudad. En esa oportunidad, fuimos expuestos a la técnica del muralismo urbano donde Natalia trabajo arduamente.

Pensamos que Natalia seguirá animada en el medio del mosaico, y nos enorgullece ser parte de su camino. Así que, Natalia, a nombre mío y de tu casa, el Atelier del Mosaico de Puerto Rico y toda nuestra gente, te felicitamos por este logro de tu primera exposición, “Entelequia”. ¡Enhorabuena, nuestra querida artista, que Dios te bendiga!



claire pic

During January the Atelier was honored to have a guest mosaic instructor from Philadelphia, USA visiting and teaching.  Claire Brill arrived on the island and soon thereafter began sharing her mosaic knowledge with a group of 12 local mosaic artists enthusiasts at the Atelier.  Claire brought with her a most interesting technique, which arouse lots of enthusiasm to all.  Not so long ago, the Atelier had begun a new workshop,” Dalle de Verre” using glass slabs to create most exciting art pieces, some which may be seen briefly within the picture above.  Claire had discovered that when one cuts dalles,  lots of small glass leftovers could become exciting  thin glass pieces which in turn, when layering them at different levels would create different lighting and texture expressions.  That was the case during the two days we spent with Claire and the participants enjoyed, learned and had a great time.

For Claire, her visit to Puerto Rico and the Atelier meant a lot.  This was her first time here and in her own words, she shared that “although at different levels, participants were impressive both in their skill using mosaic tools and in their application of composition and color theories.”   Claire also shared, “that the Atelier is a serious environment and it shows in it’s work.  The mosaics that immediately greeted me when I first walked in were so compelling I stopped in my tracks, bags in hand.  Most pieces in the room bespoke a vitality that communicated the truly meaningful nature of the work”.  In conclusion, she felt that the Atelier is “a warm sanctuary for makers, a people and heart centered place, on it’s way to becoming a significant mosaic center.”

The Atelier del Mosaico de Puerto Rico, thanks Claire Brill for trusting in us and feel that everyone was able to step another level in their walk with mosaics. Thank you so much Claire and hope to see you again soon, luisalberto.

dalle claire pic 1dalle claire pic 2



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Risorgimento pic

“Risorgimento” is the name of this mosaic recently unveiled at Second Union Church of San Juan in honor of it’s 50th Anniversary.  The piece was inspired by Luis Alberto Rivera, one of Puerto Rico’s mosaic artists.  Over the course of four months, involving hundreds of hours of painstakingly, detailed labor, the huge, eight-foot-by-eight foot masterpiece was produced by a specialized team of artists from the Atelier del Mosaico de Puerto Rico and members of Second Union Church.

The piece depicts the Lenten themes of Christ’s passion, suffering, crucifixion and Risorgimento, i.e. his resurrection to life. At the foot of the cross are feet of Christ, nailed by a spike that induces the Savior’s blood flow.  As the eye follows the cross upward, this flow of blood is transformed into a peeling back of the body of Christ, revealing the many words that express the ministry of Christ through his body, the Church.  Alongside the crucified Christ is an image of Second Union Church, just one expression, among many, of the body of Christ here on earth. It is hoped that this mosaic will attract pilgrims to come and meditate upon its many intricate patterns and symbolic messages expressed through a creative collage of color, shape and metaphor that include the living water of Christ’s presence, the bread and cup of the Mass, the crown of thorns that pierced Jesus ‘brow and even a discreetly placed Coqui that bespeaks of the mosaic’s Borinquen origins.

Saludos a todos!! Les invitamos a nuestro Open House el Sabado 23 de Enero 2016 en el Atelier del Mosaico.
open house

IMG_3338The “Atelier Del Mosaico de Puerto Rico”, founded within the year 2009 has become a strong anchor for the mosaic art experience within the island and beyond. As the first entity of its kind in Puerto Rico, ADM or the Atelier as it is known caters its message towards new enthusiasts, experienced mosaic artists and teachers looking to expand their knowledge and commitment to this art form. The Atelier’s building space facility in the San Juan metro area provides an environment to explore numerous mosaic techniques, beginning from the basics, onto bas relief, portraits, abstracts, mosaic sculpture, smalti and “Dalle de Verre”amongst others. In the pasts years ADM has hosted over 780 mosaic enthusiasts who have created over 1900 (nineteen hundred) art pieces of which many can be found in particular private art collections within Puerto Rico and beyond our Caribbean’s shores. Luis-Pregones-PosterThe Atelier has also offered (11) eleven mosaic expositions within its facilities, local city museums, The Pregones Theater in New York City and soon in Dominican Republic. Founded by Mosaic artist with an architectural degree, Luis Alberto Rivera along with his team, the “Atelier” motivates its participants to learn about color and its impact, proper composition, scale, light & shadow amongst other principles in order to produce art work with fragments and pieces which at a distance may be perceived as paint brush strokes. ADM’s vision is built on the challenging of every participant to set their heart into the work in order to create a “one and only” piece which reflects each of them in terms of where they come from, where they are now and where they are going. This is achieved by the use of complementary colors, different materials beyond tesserae and glass, freedom to set and position the materials beyond flat surfaces and prior to getting started, a most important conversation which opens your life history which will lead to a significant art piece from the heart. Throughout the years, ADM has been touched by artists that through their expressions and styles have motivated ADM to produce art which is individual to each other, yet tied to characteristics which sets us as one. IMG_2323This is the case with a dear friend and honored artists who has inspired us with his daring heart, Isaiah Zagar. After spending some time with Isaiah, an award-winning mosaic mural artist whose work can be found on numerous public walls throughout the city of Philadelphia and around the world I was impacted by his simplicity and artistic grandeur view. Isaiah shared about his many years of creation within the “Philadelphia Magic Gardens” and its meaning. We spoke about our styles and I was humbled before him. What a great human being. Isaiah, graduated me as a mosaic artist, within his masterpiece, the gardens themselves and assured me that I had begun a wonderful journey that should be shared with all.   Today, the Atelier Del Mosaico de Puerto Rico basis its program on a grandeur view, Similar to Isaiah’s perspective, yet with a plan that promises to contribute in the artistic life of those who have not yet awaken their creative values within them. ADM, continues to grow strong by motivated young artist’s requests and looks forward to expanding within the island and working and sharing in immediate neighboring countries in the Caribbean and the United States. Come and visit us, join in the fun and the seriousness of mosaic art creation. “Your life will be changed and so will ours.”