Luis Alberto Rivera

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The Atelier del Mosaico was founded by Luis Alberto Rivera in 2009.

Luis Alberto Rivera, was born in the Bronx , New York City en el 1956.  He arrives to Puerto Rico at the age of five along with his parents, where he grew and still lives today.  Throughout his sensibility and appreciation of the arts, he studies and develops within the mosaic techniques at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Puerto Rico where he studied and eventually became the mosaic instructor for the museum.  Architecture as his profession, painter and self taught musician, he shares his vision throughout his trajectory within the mosaic world. After sharing at the museum for three years, Luis Alberto sets out to open his own mosaic workshop where he would share with all to paint with tiles, glass and other materials.  Yes, he wanted apprentices to understand the color theory, composition, focal points and light & shadow amongst other art theories within an art piece.  Fairly quickly, the Atelier has grown greatly and impacted a large number of folks who still today continue to learn one technique after the other and participate in formal expositions offered by the Atelier for all to share with their families.

Just recently,  a group from the Atelier joined Luis Alberto in their first participation of a Mosaic U.S. Conference through the Society of American Mosaic Artists in March of 2015.  This was an outstanding experience.  The Atelier was well received, we met numerous mosaic well known artists and met with the Executive Board for breakfast and sharing about our plans and possibly working with SAMA in the near future.  Luis Alberto is passionate about mosaics and all it entails and looks forward to what this exciting trip will bring to his life and for those who have already joined in the journey.


  mosaicos luisalberto                       

    mosaicos luisalberto







DSC_0400_400_L             DSC_0399_0399_L              DSC_0397_0397_L

DSC_0394_0394_L                    DSC_0382_0382_L                  DSC_0364_0364_L

DSC_0387_0387_L             DSC_0387_0387_Detalle_L



mosaicos luisalberto

mosaicos luisalberto (1)

mosaicos luisalberto (6)


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