Posted: March 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

Risorgimento pic

“Risorgimento” is the name of this mosaic recently unveiled at Second Union Church of San Juan in honor of it’s 50th Anniversary.  The piece was inspired by Luis Alberto Rivera, one of Puerto Rico’s mosaic artists.  Over the course of four months, involving hundreds of hours of painstakingly, detailed labor, the huge, eight-foot-by-eight foot masterpiece was produced by a specialized team of artists from the Atelier del Mosaico de Puerto Rico and members of Second Union Church.

The piece depicts the Lenten themes of Christ’s passion, suffering, crucifixion and Risorgimento, i.e. his resurrection to life. At the foot of the cross are feet of Christ, nailed by a spike that induces the Savior’s blood flow.  As the eye follows the cross upward, this flow of blood is transformed into a peeling back of the body of Christ, revealing the many words that express the ministry of Christ through his body, the Church.  Alongside the crucified Christ is an image of Second Union Church, just one expression, among many, of the body of Christ here on earth. It is hoped that this mosaic will attract pilgrims to come and meditate upon its many intricate patterns and symbolic messages expressed through a creative collage of color, shape and metaphor that include the living water of Christ’s presence, the bread and cup of the Mass, the crown of thorns that pierced Jesus ‘brow and even a discreetly placed Coqui that bespeaks of the mosaic’s Borinquen origins.

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